New playscape at North Central Little League


Installed Fall 2017

Wayne County awarded Taylor a parks’ grant that went toward the installation of two unique new playscapes, including one at Taylor North Central Little League. The Wayne County parks’ grant will pay for $35,000 of the $95,000 project related to the playscapes, the other of which was located at Taylor Northwest Little League (Papp Park). The rest of the money will be funded through the Parks & Recreation Department.

Taylor Northwest Little League has needed a new playscape for some time.  The play scape at TNCLL, located off Pardee north of Ecorse Road, was destroyed during an automobile-related accident. 

The upgrades will mark the third straight year that Taylor has made major park improvements outside of Heritage Park, starting with a the major renovation and renaming of Zub Park, followed by a new playscape and resurfacing of the walking path at Howard Noble Park.