TrackMan Golf Simulators coming to Taylor Meadows

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Announced October 2017

Attention golfers! Heading into the 2017 offseason, Taylor Golf asks this simple question: Why travel all the way to Detroit or Auburn Hills to play Topgolf, when we will be offering a better experience right here at Taylor Meadows? The new program is called “iGolf Taylor,” featuring the top-of-the-line TrackMan Golf Simulators, widely considered the best indoor golf experience available.

The City of Taylor already offers two of the finest municipal golf courses in Michigan – the Lakes of Taylor and Taylor Meadows. Beginning this winter, Taylor Golf will be turning its collective eyes indoors in a big way, featuring TrackMan Golf Simulators. In fact, Taylor will become the only location in southeastern Michigan with four TrackMan Golf Simulators. No one else can make that boast.

“In July, MGM Grand Detroit announced that it will be offering a Topgolf suite this offseason, and there is one coming to Auburn Hills, too,” Mayor Rick Sollars said. “But why go all the way downtown, or out to Auburn Hills, if you can have a better experience right here in Taylor? We will give you that experience with TrackMan, through our ‘iGolf Taylor’ plan.”

Taylor Golf leased space at Taylor Meadows to Tee Box Golf simulators since 2012. Given that participation in golf across the nation has fallen, recently to the tune of 22 percent, offering simulators onsite keeps dedicated area golfers happy during the offseason, and lures others into the game. However, this year Tee Box Golf discontinued the arrangement. Rather than lease or purchase Tee Box Golf’s equipment to continue its successful offseason efforts, Taylor Golf will purchase four TrackMan Golf Simulators, arguably the best indoor golf experience in the world.

“This is just a great investment,” Mayor Sollars said. “This is tremendous equipment, the best on the market today. We want to keep golfers playing our courses, and we want to keep them happy in the offseason. And there are many ways to use this equipment, including outdoors. It’s a top-notch product.”

Don’t take just the mayor’s word for it. “I own one, and I use it regularly,” said Northern Ireland’s Rory McIlroy, one of the world’s best golfers who rode the No. 1 ranking for 95 straight weeks. “When I was struggling with my swing a little bit last year, I started using it a lot. It’s a really helpful tool if you use it correctly.”
“This is cutting-edge technology,” said Jeff Dobek, director of Golf, Parks and Recreation. “We will be the only location in the area to have four of these, all housed at Taylor Meadows. These can be used in a variety of ways, from leagues to training.”

For the serious (novice or advanced) golfer, the TrackMan system offers the type of exact, pinpoint feedback that is ultimately the key to unlocking what can be a confounding game. It allows you to play, or practice, just like the pros. For coaches, it allows you to extend the season – and in Michigan, that’s important. Three-hundred and fifty of the world’s top golfers own their own TrackMan. Over 1,500 golf coaches own their own. 

Of course, for your typical next door neighbor who just loves the game, the TrackMan Golf Simulator enables you to play in offseason leagues, at your choice of the world’s best courses, from Pebble Beach Golf Links to Spyglass Hill, Latrobe to Valderrama, and many more. There is nothing more enjoyable for a golf lover than to gather with some friends and play in an indoor league, complete with food and refreshments right at your fingertips.

“By using this equipment, we can maintain a quality relationship year-round with our customers,” Dobek said. “We already have a large customer base of approximately 2,000 that have golfed on Taylor Meadows’ simulators, and TrackMan is a big upgrade.”

For more on leagues and other information, call Taylor Golf at (734) 287-2100.