Northwest Park undergoes major renovations


Underway Spring 2019

Northwest Park, located along Van Born Road and the home of the City’s only outdoor pool, is undergoing major improvements as part of the 2019 Good to Great Neighborhood Program in Area #6.

The G2G program focused on the northwest part of the City, the neighborhoods between Van Born, Beverly, Beech Daly and Inkster. Northwest Park is a key focal point of that area of the community. Improvements call for a long new walking/jogging/cycling asphalt path in the northern portion of the park that will run along Harold Street to Van Born and wind its way east to the edge of the park and back. Some new sidewalks connecting different sides of the park with the paths will be added.

In the middle of that half-mile path, which will be eight feet wide and four inches deep, will be a new pavilion, permanent game table area and fitness equipment. A new plays cape will be installed in the northeast section. The existing basketball courts, located near the pool, will be sealed and striped. New benches, enclosure porta-johns and signage is planned.

“This is where our Good to Great Neighborhood Program can really make a difference,” Mayor Rick Sollars said. “Four or five years ago, we were just trying to get our heads above water. Clean out and reopen a pool that’s been closed. Clean up the park itself. We didn’t have money to do this type of improvement.

“But things have changed. The economy has improved. We have the ability to use some funding for these types of improvements. For the residents who live in the northwest corner of Taylor, this park has great meaning. They want to be able to walk or jog or bike on a pathway. They want their children to have a place to play. This has always been a beautiful park, and we’re happy to create some of these improvements. It is going to make a huge difference.”

As Good to Great and other programs have moved through the City over the past five years, these types of improvements have come in their wake, Heritage Park being the biggest benefactor. Zub Park was created near Kinyon Elementary School. New play scapes have added to Zub, Howard Noble, Miller Clapham (North Central Little League), Papp Park (Northwest LL), and Vince Caplis (North Central LL). Lucinda Burn Park, located in the northeast corridor, was literally completely redone during G2G work there.